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"My dad, John Waterer was the Marine Services Board officer here from 1974 - 1990. It was wonderful to see Dad's Certificate of Appreciation hanging in the hallway.

We lived here with Dad, Mum (Betty) and my brothers Rod, Shaun and Tim. It has been a wonderful experience to return here for the weekend with my husband Geoff, daughter Bridie (9) and son Geordie (6). Betty was with us as well.

We had a very enjoyable time remembering our 16 years growing up here. Best place ever!!.

While we lived here, mum and dad were able to wave us up from the beach from the lounge room window or front balcony - the view used to be totally unobscured.  Dad passed away September 22 2009.

Definitely coming back, would love my brothers to experience it all over again"

Michelle Baird, Betty Waterer, Georgie and Bridie.  Fathers Day Weekend September 2017

"Kris turned 60  this week to the sound of the waves and the beautiful changing light. Observations for the week: daily leisurely brunch on the deck was noted with the background chatter from many rainbow lorikeets in the Norfolk Pine. daily walks were undertaken and a riot of wild flowers noted. The flannel flowers were coming out. Great holiday, thanks to Sue and Craig for the recommendation". 

Robyn, Kris, Jess and Rob. August 2017.

"Seventh year here and eighth trip. Always fantastic visits to schools, this year North Haven PS and Wauchope. Beautiful painting weather , azure skies (and kingfishers), a couple of storms, the waves were so loud  Saw a pod of eight dolphins."

 Jane, Simon and Quinn French. May 2017


"Conducted two workshops plus a reading evening. It rained for 8 of the 12 days I was here, but still managed to have a grand time. Animal Highlight - Stepping out of the ramp by the kitchen, I turned on the motion light as an owl swept soundlessly by close enough for me to touch. I then saw a rabbit hightail up the side of the garage. I figure I interrupted the own in its act of predation by inadvertently switching on the light --- lucky bunny.

Thank you to the Pilot Station and Camden Head Community College for offering me the opportunity of this residency" 

Artist in Residence - Paul Cliff. April 2017

" This is our third entry in this journal. We keep coming back for all the obvious reasons mentioned by us and everybody else in the guest book (which is kept in the Pilot Station). 

Ruth and Peter Allum. April 2017

"Loved the sea mists, the lurid green grass, the foaming sea, the roaring surf. We'll be back again in 2018. What a special spot".

Sue & Craig Boaden, Jennifer & Willi Michalski. March 2017 

"Best weekend back at the pilot house for Mary, Peter, Mark, Chris and I. Had BBQ with Alison who used to live here in the early 90's. Too many memories of then and many more made. will be back again". 

Jan F. Feb 2017

"This is our third entry in the journal. We keep coming back for all the obvious reasons as mentioned by us and everybody else in this book"

Ruth & Peter Allum, April 2017 

" Conducted 2 poetry workshops and a reading on Friday evening during which 2 mice appeared in the boatshed and danced between my feet thus upstaging me. I turned on the motion light as an owl swept soundlessly by close enough for me to touch. I then saw a rabbit hightail it up the side of the garage, I figure I interrupted the owl in its act of predation by inadvertently switching on the light - lucky bunny !!.

Thank you Pilot Station and Camden Head Community College for offering me the opportunity of this Residency"

Paul Cliff, March - April 2017 . Artist in Residence.

"Loved the sea mists, the lurid green grass and the foaming sea, the roaring surf. We"ll be back in 2018. What a special spot"

Sue & Craig Boaden, Jennifer & Willi Michalski, March 2017

""Well, finally got to sleep in this stunning house Art weekend, old mates and family time, Unreal weather for swimming, painting on the beach. Saw dolphins, many birds - perfect. 

Marie Saville, January 2017.

""Fourteenth year at the Pilot Station. Spread out as always across all buildings and all this unusual area brings. Daughter up from Melbourne, friends from Sydney. Explored cave on Diamond Head walk - missed cow hide. Three sightings of potoroo in evening, unusually confident on the grass with our presence".

Guy, Helen and Naomi Sherbourne. January 2017.  

Well, we had to come back again for our bi-annual Christmas family get together for the Cartwright Family, 10 days just wasn't enough !!.  Great weather and another wonderful stay. We had a large goanna visit us in the house which made for some hilarity. Can't wait to come back again. Thank you".

Clare, Campbell, Georgia and Ellyse. December 2016.

" Another lovely few days at the Pilot Station. Almost swam with dolphins and saw a fantastic display of lightning. Sunset over the Brothers would be hard to beat".

Sue Morgan, England. December 2016.

"Have laughed till my sides ached, a truly memorable weekend. great place to  re-unite and bring longtime friends together once again. Great weekend where the bush meets the ocean - how perfect - a lovely old lady gave us a great weekend"

Trish, Cheryl, Gail, Robbie,2 Sue's and Carol. November 2016.  

"A great place for a peaceful 50th weekend. Mixed with sun, sand, surf storms and winds. We will be back for a longer stay, some reading, swimming and reading."
Michael & Belinda Rees. October 2016.

"We had such a relaxing time, we lost all track of time. Sunshine, fantastic rock pools, sea stars, little silver and black sea snakes and lots of our favorite Octopi. We saw whales off Washhouse Beach, sat on the sunny deack and read and read. The birds and bottlebrushes - endless acclaim for this lovely spot. Thank you."

Sarah, September-October 2016.  

"Another beautiful stay at the Pilot House, our fifth year of bliss." 

Donna, July 2016.

"After a week of settling in, I'm feeling so thankful. Thanks to Ross and Camden Haven Community College and all the volunteers that care for this place. You are amazing. To the wonderful community that care and are proud of their place, thank you. It's not often you find somewhere like this. So now I paint and sculpt and take a float in the rockpools. This is a special place. I love it here."  

April 2016.

"We stayed here last Christmas 2011 and decided to return to this tranquil place one again." 

Julie Boulis. December 2015

"We stayed here to celebrate my "Pops" 70th birthday. We had a wonderful time even though it rained each day. The boatshed was a great place to eat our wonderful meals. We nearly got to swim with the dolphins because they came in that close to us. It was great to experience the retro style house and listen to the waves crashing on the sand, with the smell of the ocean air smelling so good compared to the city smog I am used to." 

Jordan Mackintosh (aged 10). November 2015.

"The Wandering Weavers have been getting together for four years and have now discovered the Pilots House. We have had a wonderful 3 days textile retreat and will be back next year for a week An inspirational time for us all." 

Wandering Weavers, October 2015.

 "I love this place. Lucky me to have this show here. All the best."

Sarah Parker  May 2015.

"We found Camden Haven quite by chance - spent 2 wonderful weeks in the Pilots House. We love the history surrounding the area. A true holiday. I believe a months holiday is in order next visit."

Gary & Suzanne. February 2015.

"Another blissful break at the Pilot Station for the French Family." 

Donna French, July 2014

"I followed a path from the beach which lead me to a sign and a magic spot, The Pilot Station. After researching all about the area, I contacted Ross and now here I am writing after a weeks stay. Observations : the birds are always busy, the ocean always constant. Frogs and crickets set the melody in the evening. Light changes as does the blue of the sky and the sea. Thank you so much for all the effort and care, see you soon."

Sarah Parker . May 2014.

"On our arrival we were greeted by a magnificent double rainbow over the beach.  Our twin 3 year old boys were in raptures over the colour splats in the sky.  On our first night here we also saw rainbow rings (2 bands) circling the moon which was almost full.  I’ve never seen anything like it and it was absolutely spectacular.  As was the giant full moon (pink) rising up over the beach the next evening. This place is absolutely teaming with magic and will always be dear in our hearts.  Until next time thank you thank you."
Natalie Sherring,  March 2014.

"What a unique, special retreat this place offers! We feel privileged to be able to stay here in what seemed like our own piece of paradise, laced with much history – if only these walls could talk! A wonderful antidote to a very stressful past 9 months- hearing the oceans constancy is very soothing.
Delighted to see some wildlife too – the large resident goanna around the lawn areas, a bold butcher bird, a wonga pigeon and other birds. Pods of dolphins were seen every day around the headlands or in the bay near Pilot Beach.
The cottage is beautifully restored in a subtle way. Congratulations to all involved."

Barbara Bryan, February 2014

"What a great place!  We will be back."
M Baker, Tamworth January 2014

"My 73rd birthday.  What a wonderful way to celebrate.  For most of the party it was the second visit to this enchanting place.  Hopefully there will be a third.  Our visitor from Finland was enthralled with the wildlife."
Macmillan family, January 2012

"This little spot was booked unseen, and spoken of as a haven, at a time when life was uncertain. Now, days, months later, in more peaceful times – this time out is truly a gift as we celebrate life, love and a birthday… The surrounds are beautiful, but the true beauty is a time – a space – to enjoy … To be transported back in time to the 1950’s... we saw the circling soaring pair of eagles.. We loved this place."
PM, Sept 2012

"Opening the windows to unpack on our arrival – I knew where I was just …  here.

The sounds of the ocean, of the birds in flight, the distant voices of children on Pilot Beach and the odd car pulling away.  These sounds of near and far offer the invitation to relax and simply be … here.

In two weeks we’ve been blessed, great weather, cool mornings and evenings and glorious days. Friends and family have told their stories, shared the laughter and sat with the sounds of the here and now.

A huge grey roo silently chewed the fresh new shoots. The yellow black cockatoo reminded us of the beginning and end of each day with their noisy fly pass. Excitement mixed with varying degrees of surprise and anxiety at the 4 red bellied black snakes in one morning in the grass! And finally our pleasure at 3 black glossy cockatoos in a tree on the track. A beautiful farewell to a wonderful fortnight."

Poem from 2011.

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